The MiTu Community Service is about connecting you to groups that can help you get things done. It is about finding that group that you can connect to for your own personal growth, a personal need or to establish that business connection to further your skills, abilities or business goals. It is also about also allowing you to create a group that you can use for your own efforts as an expert, social group owner, non-profit organization and small business. Where the MiTu Community Service can help you manage your time by allowing you to earn time, save time and secure time through the use of the group services.

Are you connected in your community? Do you know many small businesses, experts, non-profits and social groups that could benefit from this new technology? Then you might be a great candidate to become an Affiliate for the MiTu Community Service. Being an affiliate you will have access to creating groups for other people and will be compensated for your success through a percentage of the revenue generated. Most affiliates will receive 10% of the revenue their sponsored groups create. 

If you think you have what it takes to become a MiTu Affiliate and want more information, email us at the address shown below: