Appeal an Intellectual Property Claim

Date of Last Revision: November 13th, 2013.

The MiTu Community Service is committed to protecting the intellectual property of group owners and subscribers. The MiTu Community Service is committed to the overall goal of making sure that individual property rights are enforced on the MiTu Community Service. This ensures that each owner of a group and subscriber of a group find value in their interactions and are willing to participate in commerce if they believe their efforts are going to be protected.

As such the LLC company prohibits users from uploading, posting or otherwise transmitting on the MiTu Community Service any materials that violate another party's copyrights. This means that we will remove content that is reported to us by other users pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (17 U.S.C. ยง 512), also known as the DMCA.

Additionally, we know and understand that there can be false claims of copyright infringement, the MiTu Community Service Team does not tolerate false claims of infringement. If by chance there is content that you as a user of the MiTu Community Service posted on the site was mistakenly removed, you can file a counter-claim by emailing the MiTu Community Service Team at as follows (Please include the number 5030 so that we can best route your request):

  1. Subject Line: 5030 - FALSE CLAIM OF IP INFRINGEMENT
  2. Your account email address
  3. The name of the Community and Group
  4. The Persona that is Falsely Claiming Infringement
  5. The Link to the proposed Infringing Material
  6. Reason why there is no Infringement
If you would prefer to send a registered mail to ensure your request is received please send the request as follows (including all 6 items stated above) to: LLC
14371 SW Windsong CT
Tigard, OR 97223

If all required materials are provided, the MiTu Community Service Team will forward this information to the user whom claims to have the copyrights. The DMCA then allows the MiTu Community Service team to restore your content if the claimed copyrights owner does not file a court action against you within 10 business days of receiving the copy of your counter-claim.

The DMCA will make a user liable for misrepresenting (materially) in a counter-claim, where the user claims that their content was removed by mistake. As such, if you cannot be confident that you are the rightful owner of the copyrighted material, it is strongly suggested that legal advice be consulted before filing with the DMCA for a counter-claim.

Why was my content removed?
The MiTu Community Service Team removed your content due to receiving a notice from a claimed copyright owner that the content which was posted by you was infringing their copyrights or the content was not compliant to our  Terms and Conditions. Additionally, we might have been given notice that the content you posted was infringing the rights of one of our business partners. As a user of the MiTu Community Service it violates our Terms and Conditions to post infringing content or content that does not meet our efforts to keep a site that respects all whom might visit as well as keeping to local, state and national laws where applicable.

What should I do to determine if my content was Copyrighted?
As any internet service will tell you, posting links or information without properly quoting the source is always a problem in the long run. As such, any content you post, text, photos or video links should be properly posted with the Copyrighted source visible. Also, it should be noted, that the MiTu Community Service is intended to provide it's subscribers with income as they develop their private social business network. Due to the nature of this arrangement, copyright owners may not grant you access to their materials without compensation.

If you have started your own group and are uncertain of your rights, it is important that you seek legal advice on your approach and intent to use MiTu Community Service with your network. If that means using other people's copyrightable materials, it might be best to first work with those that possess their copyrights to determine on what terms you may use their copyrighted materials.

To assist you in your quest to ensure you do not infringe on other user's copyrights within the MiTu Community Service, the following websites provides some information on copyright laws and other intellectual property laws: