With the MiTu Community you can broadcast your wall posts and blog posts to multiple groups at once. This is achieved by using the email posting from each group and sending one email to multiple groups. If the email is under 250 characters it will go to the wall. If it the post is over 250 characters the email will be posted in all of the groups as a blog and will need to be approved by the owner of the group.

1) First open your email account.

2) Second find the email address of each of the groups (typically "")

NOTE: Remember that you can only send emails to groups if you are the owner of the group or you are at the BEST level in that group.

3) Copy all of the email addresses of the groups into the the "To:" field of email you will send.

4) Type in a Title for the Subject line if the email will become a blog entry.

5) Check your work. There is no way to retract once you send it.

6) Send your email.

7) If it is a wall post (under 250 Characters) you can check immediately and delete the post if you do not like it.

8) If it was over 250 characters it will now be waiting in the approval queue of the group.

You're Done!