Create an Account

The following are the steps advised in creating a new account:

The following are the steps advised in creating a new account:

1) Use your personal email account as the MiTu Community Service is looking to validate who you say you are. We provide the capability to create pseudo Persona's that can represent you without other subscribers knowing who you are so there is no need to create false accounts. Additionally, if you are to use MiTu Community Service and either pay or receive payment for services, we need to know that you are a real person.

2) Just your real First Name and Last Name (Again, no-one will see this but the MiTu Community Service team.), your real email address, your preferred password (use one that is hard to break), your gender and your birthday (so we can make sure children do not gain access).

3) Check the box for the Terms and Conditions (please read this as it defines how the MiTu Community Service expects you to use the service.) Select the Join button.

4) Go to your email account and select the link that will validate your email address with the Community.

5) Return to your main account page with your Community and Log-In.

You're Done!

Now there are additional items that the MiTu Community Service would like to have you complete before your account is fully ready and functional (Yes, it will still work even if you do not complete these items):

6) Load up an Account Photo (one of yourself would be good), this image will indicate to you when you have made it back to your account page. (You may want to pick a picture that is square as the MiTu Community Service will scale it to the size of a square.) Since the MiTu Community Service has implemented the notion of multiple Personas and multiple groups, the area of the Account photo will be key to you knowing when you are back at your account and not in one of your Personas or Groups.

7) Update your home town and the town you currently live in. The MiTu Community Service will be able to better serve you when you are looking for groups that are near you or near your hometown. The site will be able to better suggest groups to you that might be of interest to you through your location. (If you leave these blank the MiTu Community Service will provide a global view of groups for you.)

8) Update your areas of interest by selecting up to 100 areas. We suggest that you start with 5 to 10 areas of interest. This feature is important for our tools to suggest groups to you that might be of interest. Additionally, since the MiTu Community Service does not pry into your personal data and your networks, indicating your areas of interest will allow the service to provide you with ads that are relevant to your interests.

Once you have completed these sections your Account is updated.

Setting up your Persona:

Now that you have your account, you want to setup your persona, you should setup three types of personas Your Personal Persona that everyone will know you by, Your Anonymous Persona that would allow you to join and participate without people knowing who you are and finally any additional personas that might be specific to something you like to do or that represents something that is unique to who you are (Sports, Religion, etc.) and that persona can be placed in that same town you are in now or in other cities.

Let's get started:

9) Select your persona on your account. And pick a picture that represents who you are. (It would be best to pick a picture of you...)

10) Pick any of your Account data that you would like others to see.

11) Setup your Persona Location (Most likely this will be the same as your Current Location for this Persona.)

12) Write Your Bio (This is what people will see if they click on your Persona.)

13) Write something on your Work, Activities, Books and Movies if you would like to share that information with people.

14) Apply the changes and you are now done setting up your Persona.

Anonymous Personas:

15) Next create a new Persona, pick a name that people may not know if you.
NOTE: You are not allowed to have the same Persona name as someone else so you might have to try several times.

16) Select A photo that would be unique to your name or something you know but others might not know.


18) Apply the change and now you have an Anonymous Persona for those groups you want to be part of but do not want others to know about you.
NOTE: The group owners will know who you are as your name is show in their list of members. The reason this is needed is due to the Payment Terms and Conditions.

Location Based and Feature Based Personas:

19) Create another Persona with another name.

20) Pick a photo and select the relevant information for this persona based on where that Persona might be or what that persona might be doing:
- Maybe I travel for business someplace a lot and want to join some groups in that city.
- Maybe I have a special interest (Sports, Religion, etc.) that would allow me to represent myself differently to others.

21) Apply the Changes!

22) Have fun!

You are Done!