Create an Affiliated Group

For Affiliates, they can create groups on the behalf of their customers/clients. In doing so, these groups will appear in on the Main Account Page under the "Affiliate Activity" Link. This is where you will review and manage your Affiliated Groups.

To create a group all you have to do is follow the Create Group process steps. The only difference is where you will see the following section:

1) Location to put in your customer's / client's email address

NOTE: If they do not have an account an account will be created for them and they will be asked to approve that account. The group will also be created as well automatically. We are assuming that you have made the relationship that this is an ok activity. If Affiliates are found to be creating groups and accounts without permission from their customers or clients, their Affiliate status may be in jeopardy. 

2) Enter the name of the account holder (First and Last)

3) Decide how involved you think you should be, from not being in the group through to being a follower or subscriber. (In the case of subscriber, you will not be charged.)

NOTE: You can select the Create Group button from the Main Account page or the Affiliate Page. (They both go to the same create page)

Finish with the remaining Create Group steps and you are done!

NOTE: If you would like to apply to become an Affiliate please email us at: