Create a Community

If you have the need to create a MiTu Community site that is branded to your own URL, mix of levels vs capabilities, color and images the MiTusis Community service is for you. With the Community Service option you can define your own URL that will be specific to your implementation. You also have access to an admin control panel to help manage your community and you will be able to have the option to define your own payment model. And lastly you can define how your own community and how it will deal with the three different levels of capabilities which means that we can have additional levels if desired and additional capabilities that can be slotted into those different levels!

The following are the benefits of this implementation:
1) Your own branding (color, images, landing page, etc.) - We require an image that is 260x60px to fit into the frame properly.
2) Your own admin panel (manage accounts, groups, etc.)
3) Your own payment model (make group payments, have Mitu Service make group payments, etc.)

To see how the initial setup can look (Remember we can craft this landing page to your needs) see the sandbox:

If this is something that you are interested in pursuing please email us at: