Create a Group

To create a group do the following steps:

1) From your account page, select the "Create a Group" button from the upper right part of the page.

2) A new page will open where you will type in your Group Name.

NOTE: This name should be unique to ensure subscribers are not confused when using different sites.

3) Enter a short description regarding your Group which can be shown to subscribers when reviewing your site.

4) Import an image that represents your Group.

NOTE: We will be sizing the image to fit into our square Group Pattern so you may want to pick a picture that is square. Some image services on the internet will allow you to license an image for under $5. We suggest using these services when possible to provide an inexpensive way to provide a professional look to your group.

5) Select the type of Group that your creating.

NOTE: This will determine what additional options you will have available to update.

6) Determine which Areas of Interest your group belongs to by using either the search bar or the browse tool.

a) Search bar: Just type in the word that best describes your group (one word is preferred) and a drop down list will appear, then select the areas that are relevant for your group when being searched by subscribers and select the area. The items should be added to the listing of areas of interests for your group.

b) Browse: The MiTu Community Service provides three levels of categorization with the first two levels being drop downs that need to be selected to get to the third level. At this level we then have the list of available Areas of Interest in the third dropdown box that you can select and "Add" to the list of areas of interest.

NOTE: Please note that you are limited to 15 Areas of Interest at this time. The MiTu Community Service would prefer that group owners be specific in their groups and limit the desire to capture the entire world.

7)  Select whether the group will be a Public Group (Keeping the check box checked) or Private Group (unchecking the box).

a) Public groups are groups that can be found by any subscriber through the search in the MiTu Community.

b) Private groups are groups that will not show up on MiTu Community Search Results.

8)  NOTE: Your MiTu Community also has the concept of a Supergroup, where the owner of the group pays for the membership of those in the group.

NOTE: Supergroups are private groups that require the owner to pay $1 per year per subscriber or the subscriber with increments of $20, $40 and $60 per year. If there are more than 60 people in your group please contact your Community for Pricing.

9) Select whether you would like to turn on the "Availability Indicator?". 

NOTE: This feature allows you as the user to be able to indicate when you are available and on line for your subscribers. Once you create your group you will have to setup this feature on the main group page.

10) Group Ownership allows you to attach any of your defined Persona's to the group.

NOTE: Doing this allows you to present yourself in a way that your group subscribers will recognize you and understand why you created the group. We advise you to NOT use a fake name for your group since this can lead to the group being cancelled if the MiTu Community Service Team receives enough complaints about the group subscribers not able to determine the owner of the group.

11) Membership Type is the technique used to bring subscribers to the group:

    a) Anyone can join: Allows anyone that finds the group the ability to join. If your group is private or a super-group, this will not be allowed.

    b) Prospective members must send a request to join: Requires that the owner of a group send an invite to the user for them to be able to join and the owner of the group then has to approve request.

    c) Prospective members must answer a Questionnaire to join: Requires that the member complete a Questionnaire properly to join a group. (Please see the How Do I? section on creating Questionnaires)

d) Invitation only requires that you receive an invite to be able to enter the group.

12) Payment Address is required so that owners can be paid by the MiTu Community Service for their site revenue. 

NOTE: Currently the send a check to a physical address is the only option available at this time. We suggest that you provide your mailing address and phone number to ensure that you are paid for your site. Please pick an address that is protected so that your checks are not stolen; as the owner is responsible for the costs of stolen checks. Finally, our process will also include validating that you exist as an entity so that we can trace and prevent fraud as it might appear on this service. This could mean sending mail to your address for further validation or calling you to speak with you regarding your efforts with the MiTu Community Service.

13) Terms and Conditions is where users can read the Terms and Conditions and the Payment Terms for the MiTu Community Service. If you agree to the terms, you will check the boxes.

14) Then selecting the "Create Group" button will create the group. At this point you have a group.

You're Done!

Updating the Optional Group Items

15) Update the Group with your preferred Website so that users can link to the site when viewing the group page. The link will show up in the left corner of the group image box.

16) Group Location and Contact Information is optional and can be provided to give your group a more distinct presentation when viewing the home page. If you have an address that people can visit as a store, this address is used when rendering the map of your location as well as rendering when printing group based business cards.

NOTE: This is required for the MiTu Community Service to understand where your group is located within a country. This allows users to find groups within a given Area of Interest within a location. If there is no location, your group will NOT be considered when users search a zip code.

17) About the Group is optional and allows you, the group owner, to better sell your group so that it can be found not only on in a MiTu Community but also through other search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.

    a) Tag Line is the information that will show up under the name of your group and should be more of a description as to what your group does.

    b) Welcome Message is the message that you would like to see sent to subscribers as they join the MiTu Community Group you have created. This allows you to customize it to what ever method you need.

    c) The long description is used when people select the About link on your group. This information should describe the intent of the group and what is your mission.

18) Activity Transcript is optional and allows users to specify an email address that will receive a weekly transcript of all activity on the group. This allows users to meet any Compliance requirements that they might have to meet for social networking based websites.

Once all of this is completed, you're done!