Create Pages

The following is how you create a pages for your group:

1) From the account page select the group that you want to edit for pages.

2) From the main group page, select the "Pages" link on the left had side. (It should be below the Sources Link)

3) Select the "+ Add Page" button at the top next to the "Manage this Group" Button.

4) Enter a Title for your Page
NOTE: Try to keep the Title short as it will appear on the left side as part of the menu, so longer titles will wrap and does not look as good as one or two work Titles.

5) Determine if your needing more time to edit your Page, unselect the "Show in Navigation Window?" to keep the Page from being viewed by your followers and subscribers.

NOTE: You may need more time to update and adjust your page and may not want to show it right now. Or you may be replacing one page with another page, and when you switch the pages you should be able to check on Page and uncheck the other page that you are removing.

6) Enter the position of your Page with the other Pages that you have created. 

NOTE: It is suggested that you use 10 and 20 etc, so that you have room to add more pages like using 15 to insert between the page 10 and the page numbered 20. 

7) Enter the text you would like to see in the Page. 

NOTE: If you have only one picture and/or one video, scroll down and enter those in the picture and video entries provided. Then add the terms {PICTURE} and {VIDEO} in your text to position the content. If you have additional pictures or Video, add them after you have added the first pictures and video. These are important to use since they will be used when displaying content on the Mobile Devices.

8) Select your photo if you want to use a photo, remember to give proper copyright credit for any photos that you have NOT paid for or you do not own yourself.

9) Select your video if you want to use a video, remember to give proper copyright credit for any photos that you have NOT paid for or you do not own yourself.

10) Select Apply Changes, you will be sent back to the Pages Control Panel where you will be asked to approve the Page you just created.

NOTE: You need to approve your own Page since all users that can create Pages, need to have those pages be approved by the Owner of the group.

11) Select the "Click Here" link to get to the approval screen. Select "Publish" to publish your content.

12) You should then see all of the Pages that you have created in a list of your pages. Feel free to update them anytime to make your changes for the future.

NOTE: At this time any edits are published directly to the site. So if you want to edit and re-publish, make a copy of the page and then replace the old page.

You're now done!