Delete a Group

With the MiTu Community Service Deleting a group is easy. The reasons for doing so may not be so easy. Maybe you are no longer needing the group or are no longer able to support the group, either way the final decision can be difficult. With the MiTu Community Service we encourage you to think carefully as to what impact you may have on your group subscribers and to make sure that you have communicated to them about your decision to end the group. If possible, support other people in their quest to find a similar group by trying to find another group in which they can transition to or by communicating to them that the group is ending and why. 


The following is the process for removing your group:

1) From the account page select the group that you own that you want to delete.

2) From that group page select the "Manage This Group" Link.

3) From the "Manage This Group" page select the "Delete" link.

4) From this "Delete" page select the "DELETE THIS GROUP" button after you have typed your password into the page.

NOTE: Any subscriber that has a subscription will be dropped and their agreements cancelled.

5) Confirm that you want to delete this group.

6) Congratulations, your group is now deleted.

NOTE: Please note that you will have up to 30 days to retrieve your group again by creating the same group with the same name. After 30 days, your group will have been purged from the the MiTu Community Service systems and backups.

FEEDBACK: If by chance you are removing your group due to policies that the MiTu Community Service has implemented or any conditions being encountered using the technology of this service, please provide feedback ( or use the Feedback Tool at the bottom of the site page.) so that we can make the service better with the hopes of you returning to the MiTu Community Service to create your groups again.

You're Done!