Deactivate My Persona

With the MiTu Community Team deactivating your persona is easy. The reasons for doing so may not be so easy. Maybe you are no longer needing the MiTu Community Technology or are no longer able to support your MiTu Community efforts, either way the final decision can be difficult. With the MiTu Community Servce we encourage you to think carefully as to what impact you may have on your group subscribers and to make sure that you have communicated to them about your decision to delete your persona and therefore the groups attached to that persona.

NOTE; Due to the nature of the MiTu Community Technology and intent of the service, the MiTu Community Service Team asks that in order for you to deactivate your persona you should delete or transition all groups that you own under that persona and leave or transition all groups that you have a subscription in that uses this Persona. This provides a fail safe to ensure that your intention is truly to deactivate your persona. (You may be trying to delete a group and by accident are trying to delete your persona.)

1) Change all groups owned by the persona to a different persona or delete the groups.

2) Leave all groups that are being used by the persona.

3) The persona is now officially deactivated since it is not being used. (Future capability will be to deactivate it such that it cannot be used again.)

NOTE: The persona will still appear on Persona Listings.

PLEASE REMEMBER: If you do not delete all of the groups you own and leave the groups you are a subscriber to that are part of this persona, we cannot delete your persona.

FEEDBACK: If by chance you are removing your persona due to policies that the MiTu Community Service has implemented or any conditions being encountered using the technology of this service, please provide feedback ( or use the Feedback Tool at the bottom of the site page.) so that we can make the service better with the hopes of you returning to the MiTu Community Service to create your persona again.

Your Done!