Drive Revenue

The following will detail out the process for using the MiTu Community Service to drive revenue.

Group Owners

This process step shows you how to setup your group to drive revenue. To get paid for driving revenue, follow these steps:

1) From your account page, select the group in which you are an owner.

2) Go to the home page of the group.

3) On the left side of the Page should be a button above the wall that says "Manage this Group", select this button to get to the Manage Group page, then select "Settings" to get to the setup.

NOTE: Setting up the payment option may require that we follow-up with you via phone or mail. No response will result in your group not being approved to generate revenue. This will most likely result in users not being able to setup their payments. The MiTu Community Team must approve your group for your users to utilize the payment features.

4) Go to the "Payment Address" section and type in your address that you want checks to be mailed. Also type in your phone number so that we can verify that you exist and we may call to further verify your account.

NOTE: The MiTu Community Service is focused on the United States Market, any payment addresses outside of the United States will be rejected at this time. We hope to roll out internationally in the months to come.

5) Save your information at the bottom of the page "Apply Changes".

NOTE: The site defaults for pricing are $1 for Good, $5 for Better and $10 for Best levels, if you have a special need for a different pricing strategy please email us at and we can determine if we can accomodate your request.

6) If your group has not already been approved, wait for your email approving your group.

NOTE: You might need to wait 2-3 business days for your group to be approved. You might need to check your Spam folder as well. After this period of time has passed and you have not received your email please contact us at and we will correct the issue as soon as possible.

6) Invite your membership once you have received the group approval.

7) Group Members will need to elect to be subscribers and pay through our payment vendor.

8) Their payments will occur one time, monthly or yearly on the first of each month.

9) Your payment will occur the first of the following month.

NOTE: We hold the payment for about 30 days to ensure the user an opportunity to cancel the service, this prevents issues with cancelled payments etc.

10) We then cut you a check and send it to the address provided in the "Payment Address" location.

NOTE: When using this service you must abide by the following Payment Terms and Conditions.

You're Done!