Group Activation

The MiTu Community Team is holding a closed Beta at this time. The purpose of the Closed Beta is to ensure that all technology is running as expected and to ensure that real groups are created and presented properly on the MiTu Community Sites. If we did not work to control the quality of the groups being published to the Public Side, the Mitu Community Service image could be compromised in a negative manner.

To improve your chances of meeting the Group Publishing requirements for Public Groups. The following should be performed:

1) Professional photo for the site.

2) Real Addresses and Phone numbers. (We might call you to verify that you exist.)

3) Updated Group Data.

4) Well thought out Group subscriber terms and conditions placed in the long Description.

5) Professional looking Tag Line and Welcome message.

6) Legitimate website.

If you have created a Public Group and have not heard from us regarding it's status, please email us at and we should respond to you within 5 business days regarding your status or what else needs to be completed to ensure your approval.

Please note that if we find that your public group should NOT be posted as is, we will do what we can to suggest other methods and changes to make your group more attractive so that it can become an active MiTu Community public group.

NOTE: Private Groups do not required pre-approval. Super Groups need to be activated by the MiTu Community Administrator. Please contact us at to have your Super Group Activated. (Please note that the payment options for Super Groups are different than the "out of the box" Private/Public Groups.)