The MiTu Community Service History

The MiTu Community Service was first conceived in the spring of 2011 by a group of engineers and marketing analysts who thought that there should be a better way to manage relationships for small businesses and non-profits. The notion that everyone would work hard to provide their own expertise and their own personal networks for free was something that did not make sense to the team. So the team asked the question, "What would I want if I had a small business or non-profit and needed to manage my on-line content and networks?"

The result is the MiTu Community Service, the first fully digital Private Business Network. The way to communicate, share ideas and conduct business with your customers, in a private business network environment that is safe and secure.

After 24 months of hard work. The team launched the product to a limited customer base in the spring of 2013.

Stay tuned as we make history...