Integrate a Group to Social Media

This section will tell you how to integrate your group to your favorite social media:

NOTE: At this time the MiTu Community Service only integrates to Facebook and Twitter.

1) From your account page select the group that you OWN that you want to integrate to Facebook and/or Twitter.

2) From the group page select the "Manage this Group" link.

3) From this page select the "Social Media" link.

4) The next page that will appear will have two sections, one for Twitter and one for Facebook.

a) Twitter: Before connecting to twitter please open another tab or browser and log into your Twitter account. Then select the "Link Twitter Account" Link. You will be directed to the Twitter Account from that page that will ask you to authorize the application. Select Yes. The application will then return you to the MiTu Community Service Social Media page.

NOTE: Please ensure that no other Twitter account is open in any other browser as well to ensure that the MiTu Community Service application does not become confused.

b) Facebook: Before connecting to Facebook please log into your facebook account in another tab or browser. Then select the "Link Facebook Account" Link. You will see the page then change to show that you are now connected by seeing a drop down of all the groups you have in Facebook.

5) Facebook Groups: If you would like to connect your group to a Facebook group, you will need to select one of the groups listed in the "To post to a group under your account instead of directly to your facebook activity stream, please select a group from the following list." dropdown. (If you do not see a group you may need to go to Facebook to create your Facebook Group first.) Select the group you want and then select the button called "Go" to register this group.

You're Done!

Please note that when you are on the Group home page with the Tautu Wall (Group Activity Stream) you will have to select the Facebook and Twitter check boxes to have any comments that are posted in the Group be sent to Twitter and Facebook.

Finally, you are now also able to see the feed of comments from the MiTu Community Service once these Social Media are set up. You will be able to see the feed that was set up from the "Social Media" link in the "Manage this Group" area as well as from the Main Group Page.