Mitusis Defined - Build Something You Own

Mitu, the way to conduct business, communicate and share ideas with your customers, in a secure and private business environment; earning, saving and securing your time for what is
important to you.

The MiTu Community Service was started with a vision that the most precious commodity any individual possesses is Time. With Time at their disposal, most people tend to spend it leisurely; spending their time with family, friends and work colleagues. In today's world we have many activities that allow us to utilize our time in ways that we may not want to spend. As such we find ourselves in a trap, having to waste it on things we would rather not engage; where the social media age is driving that trend for people to spend time working their business network contacts without significant benefits being realized. 

These social networking sites derive their existence through the delivery of advertisements and mining your network to deliver those advertisements. With this model, the tendency is to group people into larger and larger advertising blocks. The MiTu Community Serivce intends to provide an environment for people to breakdown these large groups into smaller manageable groups, with the goal of getting to the point of having an interaction level we term as "Me (mi) and you (tu)". This splitting of groups is similar to the process of splitting biological cells, known as mitosis. The term mitusis derives its name from this word, where the aim is to fuel the process of splitting larger groups of people into their component parts to better serve each other.

What is the benefit? The benefit lies in the ability of the Mitu Community Service to help you do the following with your time:

1) Allows you to earn time (Earn It)

The use of the internet and social media can result in wasted time that does not warrant the results desired. If you are a content editor, expert in a field, non-profit or small business, we change the model of social interactions since some portion of your customers are willing to pay at some level to engage with you on the internet through social networking technology. Thus, the MiTu Community Service becomes a platform for you to generate revenue for your internet and social networking efforts. You use your time to Earn Time. Allowing you to not have to work those extra hours just to make ends meet, you can spend that time doing what you need to do on the MiTu Community Serivce and receive compensation for your efforts.

2) Allows you to save time (Save It)

Due to the challenges of managing multiple social networking sites, the MiTu Community Service will eventually allow you to manage and monitor multiple sites at the same time as well as post to those sites simultaneously through your MiTu Community Service. Additionally, with advanced notification features you can be notified of posts or activities that occur that need your immediate attention. You use your time spent on the MiTu Community Service to Save It. Allowing you to not have to struggle through the details of managing another site every day resulting in you saving your time.

3) Allows you to secure your time (Secure It)

As many users are concerned about the security of the internet and the social networking sites, the MiTu Community Service makes security easy with the way that the site was designed. The primary account of a user is never seen by anyone. Users only share their persona details when they create a group or join a group with other subscribers. Since the site is funded by a percentage of the subscription fees and standard flat fees, a no advertisement based site can be created. So you use your time to Secure It using the MiTusis Community Service. Allowing you to limit the exposure of your private data, such that the MiTu Community Service can help secur your time since breaches of your data results in wasting your time in attempting to regain a previous sense of security by having to lock down data on the other sites or deleting your account on other sites. 

So.... Build Something You Own!!!

Mitu is a group based Private Business Network (PBN) that encourages people's ability to strengthen their communion with their community, to balance their life, to work together to eliminate the fear of the unknown, to work from the depths of their heart, to build something that is mine and yours to have something that others will want to join and would say they too would like to participate in the group to achieve a greater good and purpose in life. Mitu can deliver this through our platform that has implemented many social networking features plus more on a web based interface and mobile interfaces where owners of group can charge micro subscriptions for their efforts, secure their intellectual property and utilize our tools to save themselves time.

Please send us an email or use the Feedback tab at the bottom of the site to give us some insight in how you like to MiTu.