This community is using the MiTu Technology to provide the community with tools that will allow owners of groups to be properly compensated for their efforts and to provide the right level of security to ensure your identity, knowledge, and critical skills are properly protected, with this structure, we believe, we can create an environment where people can benefit from who they are and whom they choose to become within their community. This community promotes a secure and protected environment by giving individuals greater power to generate and manage their networks/groups where certain principles guide this community in pursuing these goals. Achieving these principles will be constrained by limitations imposed by local, state and national laws, the available technology, and evolving social grouping market requirements. As such, this community establishes the following Principles as the foundation of the rights and responsibilities of the group owners and their subscribers within the MiTu Community Service as implemented by this community:
  1. Freedom to Choose How You Express Your Abilities: People will have the freedom to organize any group of people with whatever information they want, in any medium and any format, and have the right to participate within an online group with anyone - any person, organization or service - as long as they both consent to the interaction and do not violate the MiTu Community Service Intellectual Property Infringement Rules.

  2. Ownership and Control of Organized Groups: People whom have developed a set of skills, capabilities or businesses will own the information that represents those skills, capabilities or businesses. They will have the freedom to share their information with anyone they want and take it with them anywhere they want, including removing it from the community. People will have the freedom to determine the people that will be in their groups so that they can share their abilities and skills with those subscribers of their groups. People will be provided mechanisms and controls that will allow them to set privacy controls to protect their skills, capabilities and businesses. Where these controls will not limit how the rightful owners will use this information out side of the community as long as they do not violate the MiTu Community Service Intellectual Property Infringement Rules.

  3. Free Flow of Information within Established Groups: People will have the freedom to access all of the information made available to them by their group’s owner. People will have practical tools that will make it easy, quick, and efficient to share, access and add to this information to enhance the value of their group’s meaning to the subscribers and the owner of the group.

  4. Fundamental Equality within a Group: Every Person - whether individual, advertiser, developer, organization, or other entity - will have representation and access to the tools for distribution and information acquisition within the community as long as they are a subscriber in good standing within their group and across all of the groups in which they choose to participate. There will be a single set of principles, rights, and responsibilities that will apply to all Owners and Subscribers using the MiTu Community Service within their community.

  5. Social Value: People will have the freedom to build their trust and develop a reputation through their network relationships through the defining and management of a group, and will not have their presence in the community removed for reasons other than those described in MiTu Community Service Terms and Conditions and the MiTu Community Service Intellectual Property Infringement Rules.

  6. Fundamental Service: People will be able to use this community for a fee to participate in a group, filter content, and share information to enhance the purpose of the group. People will be able to use the community regardless of their level of participation.

  7. Common Welfare: The rights and responsibilities of this community and the People that use this service will be described in the MiTu Community Service Terms and Conditions, which will not be inconsistent with these Principles.

  8. Transparent Process: The MiTu Community Service will publicly make available information about its purpose, plans, policies, and operations and how they will impact the Principles, the Terms and Conditions, Payment Terms, and Data Privacy Policy and Terms. The MiTu Community Service will use an open group to obtain user input and user suggestions on amendments to these Principles, the Terms and Conditions, Payment Terms, and Data Privacy Policy.

  9. One World Separated by Cultural Differences with Different Needs and Abilities: The MiTu Community Service will transcend geographic and national boundaries and be available to everyone in the world to help people better serve their fellow mankind within their local communities with their own unique abilities. The MiTu Community Service promotes the process of breaking mega groups into ever smaller groups such that the needs, desires and abilities of communities are properly served through people they know within their community whom have spent the time and effort to enhance their skills and abilities to earn the right to serve the groups that they form.

  10. Individual Right to Utilize Providence: The MiTu Community Service is committed to provide a service that best creates an atmosphere where an individual can utilize their providence (providentia) to create (provideo) a product, service or promotion that best serves their fellow humankind within a group as small as me (Mi) and you (Tu).

    NOTE: Where providence comes from the Latin term providentia - The ability to see something in advance; foresight; precaution; providence; forethought. Where "create" is a verb best translated to the Latin term "prevideo" - To act with foresight; to provide; see to; look after; care for; foreknowledge; precaution.

Last Updated November 13th, 2013