The Need

The MiTu Community Service is a Private Business Network allowing you to conduct business, communicate and share ideas with your customers in a secure private environment; earning, saving and securing your time for what is important to you.

Mitu is a service for small businesses and non-profits which forms a secure private space to interact with customers, clients and constituents (donors). This private space allows you to conduct business through content management services, social networking services and transaction services.

With today's world of fast paced communications, websites only reach those whom find them, yellow pages are being used less and social networking sites draw enormous resources without a known return. The Mitu Community Service provides a powerful tool for a small business or non-profit to create private groups where they can best serve their customers, clients and and constituents allowing them to earn money from the efforts, save time by using services to publish content to other site providers, and secures their time and data with state of the art account techniques that protect users from prying eyes, being served invasive ads and eliminating the need for an individual to share their contact network.

These capabilities result in a means to keep customers engaged keeping their main website active, allowing quick access for clients augmenting the yellow pages and limiting exposure and excessive effort managing social networking sites.

Owner/Partner Benefits

1) Partner Platform 
Ability to run a site that can provide an additional revenue stream, help save your time managing content on the internet across multiple sites and secure your most precious customer data.

2) Partner to Member Communications
Ability to connect to and manage multiple relationships with multiple views of your self to better serve your customers, friends and acquaintances.

3) Partner Management Tools
A comprehensive set of group management tools for managing multiple groups and personas; with advanced tools that assist in the management of members (followers/subscribers), their posted content, how they impact other members (subscribers/followers) and control of content going to associated sites.

Member/Subscriber Benefits

1) Technical Platform
Ability to find any number of businesses, experts and non-profits for an area of interest within your physical area, reducing the need to utilize generalized search engines which require extensive review of resulting data.

2) Member Communications
Ability to more directly and personally interact with people, non-profits and businesses on topics that are most important to you, reducing the noise and inactivity that can plague other sites.

3) Management Tools
Knowledge that your interaction on the site is protected and managed at the highest level through consistent management of the area of interests; to the most basic level such as the validation of a group and it's presence on the MiTu Community Service as a going concern.