Update My Account


It is easy to Update your Account as shown here:

1) From your account page select the "Profile" link to the left of the page.

2) From the Profile Page you an update your name, gender and birth-date.

NOTE: Since your account depends on the email address being unique, we do not allow people to change this directly at this time. If there is a problem with your email account and need to switch to a different email address please send an Account Request to info@mitusis.com and request that your email be changed. Our MiTu Community Service Team will work with you to ensure that you are the person that you say you are. The MiTu Community Service will most likely take 5 - 10 business days to process your request to ensure that the request is legitimate.

You're Done!

Now there are additional items that can be updated for your account:

4) Update an Account Photo (one of yourself would be good), this will indicate to you when you have made it back to your account page. Since the   has implemented the notion of multiple Personas and multiple groups, the area of the Account photo will be key to you knowing when you are back home at your account and not in one of your Personas or Groups.

5) Update your home town and the town you currently live in. The MiTu Community Service will be able to better serve you when you are looking for groups that are near you or near your hometown. The site will be able to better suggest groups to you that might be of interest to you through your location. (If you leave these blank the MiTu Community Service will provide a global view of groups to you.)

6) Selecting the "My Interests" link to the left allows you to update your areas of interest by selecting up to 100 areas. We suggest that you start with 5 to 10 areas of interest. This feature is important for our tools to suggest groups to you that might be of interest. Additionally, since the MiTu Community Service does not pry into your personal data and your networks, indicating your areas of interest will allow the service to provide you with groups that you might find of interest.