Update My Interests

The MiTu Community Service requires that you maintain a set of areas of interest. Currently the MiTu Community Service allows you to have up to 100 areas. We suggest that you start with 5 to 10 areas of interest. This feature is important for our tools to suggest groups to you that might be of interest. Additionally, since the MiTu Community Service does not pry into your personal data and your networks, indicating your areas of interest will allow the service to provide you with relevant suggestions for groups in your area. With the MiTu Community Service it is easy to Update your Area of interests, the following steps are advised in updating your area of interests:

1) From your account page select the "My Interests" link to the left of the page.

2) From the "Area of Interest" Page Determine which Areas of Interest your group belongs to by using either the search bar or the browse tool.

a) Search bar: Just type in the word that best describes your group (one word is preferred) and a drop down list will appear, then select the areas that are relevant for your group when being searched by subscribers and select the area. The items should be added to the listing of areas of interests for your group.

b) Browse: The MiTu Community Service provides three levels of categorization with the first two levels being drop downs that need to be selected to get to the third level. At this level we then have the list of available Areas of Interest in the third drop down box that you can select and "Add" to the list of areas of interest.

NOTE: Please note that groups are limited to 15 Areas of Interest at this time. The MiTu Community Service would prefer that group owners be specific in their groups and limit the desire to capture the entire world where your account level areas of interest is limited to 100 selected areas.

3) Select the "Apply Changes" button to save.

You're Done!