Update My Persona

The following is how you update a Persona:

1) From the account page select the "Manage Persona" Link.

2) From the Persona page select the persona that you want to update by selecting the link "edit" next to the Persona.

3) Your persona name can be changed but needs to be unique.

NOTE: The MiTu Community Service will let you know if a persona name is taken and will suggest to you persona names that could be used.

4) Update your Image of yourself or something that will distinguish your persona from other personas.

NOTE: You may want to pick a picture that is square as the MiTu Community Service will scale it to the size of a square throughout the site.

5) Update the Personal Information from the primary Account that you would like visible to other users in your group.

NOTE: The information that you can show includes your Home Location, Current Location, Real Name, Gender, Birthdate and Email Address.

6) Update the location of your Persona.

NOTE: This location is different from your Home Town location which might be the place you have been born or your current location which may be different from the location of your Persona. For example, someone might be born in Wisconsin, Live in Oregon, but create a Persona for events that might happen in Texas since that might be the state where they received their university degree.

7) Update the information in the "About this Persona..." section.

NOTE: This section will help others know who you are or what kind of things you might like or not like. (This section lets you tell people more about your Work, Activities, Books and/or Movies.)

8) Once your done just select the Button called "Apply Changes".

You're done!