Use the Admin Notification


 The following will detail out the process for updating the Admin Notifications Page.

Group Owners

This process step shows you how to setup your group to receive admin notificiatons:

1) From your account page, select the group in which you are an owner.

2) Go to the home page of the group.

3) Select the "Mange This Group" button, and select the "Notifications" link.

3) On this page you should see several rows of notifications settings. The first section is Administration, this will be the focus for this "How Do I?".

NOTE: The other sections are exactly like the Subscriber Level and that tutorial can be found here: Subscriber Notifications.

4) The following notifications then are allowed for you to monitor your group:

A person has submitted a request to join the group.
A group member upgrades or downgrades his/her membership level.
A new member joins the group.
A member leaves the group.

5) Turn these on or off and you should then be notified via email when these events occur.

You're Done!