Use the MiTu Service as an Expert in my Field

As an expert in your field you have spent considerable time and effort to develop an understanding in your field. As such, you have also met many people and maintain a network of peers, associates, friends and business colleagues. For you, the notion that you might put your hard earned knowledge out onto social media is not very enticing. With security concerns for your intellectual property as well as for concerns for the data safety of your associates.

The MiTu Community Service is about connecting you to your partners, clients and customers whom can help you get things done. As an Expert you can take control of your Networking efforts and be paid to do it and ensure that you are managing your time wisely through earning it, saving it and securing it.

Earn it: As an expert your followers will be willing to help support you through a monthly subscription of $1, $5 or $10 where you as the expert receive upto 82% of the proceeds collected. No complicated use of Advertisements and the hit or miss value that they provide.

Save it: As an expert you do not have time to manage all of the Social Networks and the constant expectation that you are ON LINE, your followers will know when you are on line, have quick and easy access to your business information and have many options to provide you content that you can approve for posting.

Secure it: As an expert you may have followers that want to participate in an anonymous fashion, have the need to secure the site through only followers you approve and ensure that communications are encrypted across the interent (Browser SSL). As an expert you might have a need to establish one on one groups with clients or individuals to share ideas and content and this content is highly sensetive and needs security.

All of these services are provided by the MiTu Service TODAY. Come join today and start generating the revenue you deserve, protect your most sensitive followers/clientel and secure your relationship with them.

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Example experts include:
Medical Experts in a field of study, Education Experts, Research Experts, Business Experts, etc.

Experts may want to set up four types of groups for each of the knowledge areas they have expertise within:
1) Public Group
2) Private Group
3) One-on-One Group
4) Super Group

Managing four different groups seems to be much, but in order to ensure your information is secured properly from those whom you would not like to see the information or for timing of the information this structure is crucial for success:

1) Public Group for Experts

For an expert this group is your public group, it is the group that anyone on the Internet or on the MiTu Community Service can find and join. You will have many people join your group that are interested in what you have to say since you are an expert, but are not wanting to participate heavily. Depending on your network and how many public facing people you want, you can keep this group open to anyone who joins, or lock it down by requiring people to submit a request for you to add them. If your wanting only people that have an understanding of your area of interest you can ask that they answer questions to get into the group. This group will be the final step in publishing expert content that is ready to be published to the public.

2) One-on-One for Experts

For an expert one of the challenging issues is to define a private channel for customers that are needing a more one on one interface. The MiTu Service allows you to build one-on-one social networks that allow you to have a private discussion in a social networking format. Such that the content discussed is recorded and maintained for review later. It allows the expert to focus on one customer and provide the necessary guidance without exposing that customer to the audience of the entire community. These groups can be generated and removed at will to better address an immediate need or provide content for a paying customer. It is suggested that the expert use either a private group where the customer pays the MiTu Community Service fee or the expert creates a Super Group where the Expert pays the MiTu Community Service monthly fee for the customer.

3) Private Group for Experts

For an expert this group is your private group, where only those people that you know and want to participate in developing some of your work is able to participate and analyze your efforts. This group of people will be your close circle of business associates and advisers that are willing to pay to be part of your efforts over time, they most likely enjoy working with you or want access to some of your most early creations to be the first to know to apply to their own daily efforts or they just want the privilege to be the first to know. They are willing to support you in your efforts through the use of the MiTu Community Service as well as provide you with feedback when necessary. This is different than the One-on-One Group as there are a number of people involved in an effort to expand and test your expertise.

This group would consist of people that are interested in working with you based on some service you are giving such that they are willing to pay for a "subscription". Maybe you have services you provide for a $1, $5 or $10 per month, or there is a discount depending on the level of subscription. In the end, these customers are willing to pay to be part of your efforts to communicate and work with them with the MiTu Service. See the Subscription Promotion Policies for more information.

4) Super Group

For an expert this group is your super group, where only people that are in your field, and have their own groups in the MiTu Community, come together to discuss and review the nature of the field. There will be discussions on strategy and tactics necessary to achieve that strategy.  This group also allows special subscribers that might have some special expertise but do not have their own MiTu Community group to attach to the super group.  For these users, you as a Group owner, would pay to assist in developing your ideas. When the ideas are better flushed out, you then take them to your private group, one-on-one groups and public group.

Think of it as a flow, the strategy and objectives are established at the Super Group, the experts (group owners) then take the learning from the Super Group and work with the Private group to determine some of the details how the ideas will actually function (test the ideas) and finally the last step is to push the content out to the one-on-one groups and public groups for them to consume and at some point respond with solid consistent feedback.

That is how you use the MiTu Service as an Expert!