Use the MiTu Community Service as an Owner of a Social Group

As an owner of a social group you have spent considerable time and effort to develop your group's goals and reputation. As such, you have also met many people and maintain a network of social group subscribers. For you, the notion that you might put your group's reputation out onto social media is not very enticing or do not see the value as straight forward. With security concerns for your group's efforts as well as for concerns for the safety of your subscription's data or even part of your group refuses to participate on such sites.

The MiTu Community Service is about connecting you to your membership/subscribers whom can help you achieve your group's goals. As an group owner you can take control of your Networking efforts and earn additional revenue for your group and ensure that you are managing your time wisely through earning it, saving it and securing it.

Earn it: As a group owner your members/subscribers will be willing to help support you through a monthly subscription of $1, $5 or $10 where your group receives upto 82% of the proceeds collected. No complicated use of Advertisements and the hit or miss value that they provide.

Save it: As a group owner you do not have time to manage all of the Social Networks and the constant expectation that you are always ON LINE, your members/subscribers will know when you are on line and have many options to provide you content that you can approve for posting.

Secure it: As a group owner you may have members/subscribers that want to participate in an anonymous fashion, have the need to secure the site through only members/subscribers you approve and ensure that communications are encrypted across the interent (Browser SSL). 

All of these services are provided by the MiTu Service TODAY. Come join today and start generating the revenue you deserve for your social group, protect your most sensitive members/subscribers and secure your relationship with them.To ensure you are protected and can manage your network the MiTu Community recommends the following types of groups for Social Group Owners:

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Example group owners are:
Mother's Clubs, Rotary Clubs, Plane/Train Clubs, Soccer Teams, Knitting Clubs, Baseball Teams, etc.

Social Group Owners may want to set up four types of groups for each of the Group's Functions:
1) Public Group
2) Private Group
3) One-on-One Group
4) Super Group

Managing four different groups seems to be much, but in order to ensure your information is secured properly from prying eyes or for timing of the information this structure is crucial for success:

1) Public Group for Social Groups

For the Owner of a Social Group this type of group is your public facing group, a calling card of sorts, it is the group that anyone on the MiTu Community Service and the Internet can find and join. You will have many people join your group that are interested in what you have to say, but are not wanting to participate as of yet. Depending on your network and how many public facing people you want, you can keep this group open to anyone who joins, or lock it down by requiring people to submit a request for you to add them. If your wanting only people that have an understanding of your area of interest you can ask that they answer questions to get into the group. This group will be the final step in publishing your activities and events to the public regarding your Social Group Activities. As a social group it will also become a staging area for you to assess new subscriptions that you might consider joining the group.

2) Private Group for Social Groups

For the Owner of a Social Group this group is your main subscriber's group, where only those people that are part of the subscribers in the group will join and interact. This group of people will be working to plan events and generate ideas for the group to consider. Where any ideas being generated would spin off to a One-on-One private group with 2 or more people further defining the details of the idea for consideration. Ultimately, this is where the Social Group Owner would maintain their subscribers and see the most revenue being generated from their operations.

This group of people will be interested in being part of the "subscribers" in your group. Maybe you have several levels of subscriptions you provide for a $1, $5 or $10 per month, or there is a discount depending on the level of membership. In the end, these members are willing to pay to be part of your efforts to form and manage the Social Group so that you can communicate and work with them through the MiTu Community Service. See the Subscriptons Promotion Policies for more information.

3) One-on-One Group for Social Groups

For the Owner of a Social Group this group is your One-on-One group, where ideas being considered as spun off into small One-on-One private groups with 2 or more people further defining the details of the idea. For this group the subscribers might be willing to pay a monthly fee as part of their contributions, or the group may determine it will use a super group where the Social Group Owner pays the monthly fee for the group to resolve the idea. For most groups they might have 2 or more of these One-on-One groups working on flushing out the ideas for the main group.

3) Super Group for Social Groups

For the Owner of a Social Group, this group is your super group, where only people that have other social groups like our own meet to review what activities are working for the group and what activities are not working. The super group will discuss strategy and tactics necessary to achieve the required results with the private groups.  This group can also allow special subscribers to join whom might have some special expertise but do not have a MiTu Community account or group to attach to the super group.  For these special expertise type of subscribers, you, as the Social Group Owner, would pay for their subscription to assist in developing ideas that you can take to your private group, one-on-one groups and public group.

Think of it as a flow, the strategy and objectives are established at the Super Group, the Social Group Owners then take the learning from the Super Group and work with the Private group and One-on-One Groups to determine the details around how the ideas will actually function for the group and finally the last step is to push the required content out to the public groups in such a manner as to attract new subscribers.

That is how you use the MiTu Service as a Social Group Owner!