Use the MiTu Community Service as a Subscriber

The MiTu Community is about connecting you to communities and groups that can help you get things done. It is about finding that group that you can connect to for your own personal growth, a personal need or to establish that business connection to further your skills, abilities or business goals. It is also about allowing you to create a group that you can use for your own efforts as an expert, social group owner, non-profit organization and small business. Where the MiTu Community can help you manage your time as a subscriber by allowing you to pay for the time you need, save you the time you need and securing the time you need through the use of the MiTu Community Services.

As a subscriber using the MiTu Community Service, you will save yourself time by doing the following things with ease:

1) Easily Find Groups

With the MiTu Community Service Areas of Interest Location Search feature you can drill into the area of interests in your own zip code that you have in searching for an expert, group, non-profit or business, eliminating the need to wade through search results or have to utilize the yellow pages. With over 10,000+ groupings you will be able to find the group in your area that can serve your needs reducing the confusion of other sites that do not have a consistent structure.

2) Quickly Become a Secured Subscriber

Once you find the Group that is for you, selecting the Join button will allow you to join if you are joining a public group. Some groups will be exclusive and joining requires that you wait to be approved or that you answer a set of questions, in the end you are able to join quickly and easily to connect to the people that you need to connect with. With the MiTu Service and technology, only you can see your account, no-one else can, allowing you to discretely join groups of your choosing with what ever pseudo name you would like. No more having to enter additional information, wade through intensive ads and compromising your network relationships just to interact with others.

3) Quickly Access Group Subscriptions Again

With the MiTu Service Group Management feature on the Accounts Page, you can see and select all of the groups in-which you participate (and own) to be able to select the one in which you are interested in participating. With our fast access to the groups and the controls you have full control of your group and how you receive information from that group. Other sites require that you manage your network with knowledge of all users, with this technology you have easy access to the groups and people you need to interact with, but do not want to risk the exposure of your own data or their data to other parts of your network. Privacy is the key factor for the success of the MiTu Service and this feature allows that to happen.

4) Easily Manage Your level of Subscriptions

With the MiTu Service managing your subscription level is easy, just go to the Upgrade Service on the Manage My Subscription pages that allows you to upgrade your subscription from Free to $1 per month, to $5 per month to $10 per month (or yearly subscription) to quickly take advantage of the new features that come with the upgrade or the new subscription services or products supplied by your group owner. With this feature you can be assured that your Group Owner will have the time and energy to work with you on your request so that they can be assured you will continue to be a participating subscriber. Long gone are the days of static pages in-which no-one responds and the technology survives on the serving of advertisements to you and the owner of the group.

5) Cleanly Interact with the Groups

With the MiTu Service interact in groups cleanly using the Notification Service, just go the the Notification Service on the Manage My Subscription page and update at what level you would like to participate. You can participate on an event by event basis or you can set-up your  notification to tell you when something happens to your own posts or when a post hits a threshold of "likes" or "important". Eliminating those annoying emails that come every time someone puts up a post or just creates noise within your group.

6) Efficiently Receive the Information you Need

With the MiTu Service you can interact within the groups efficiently using the home Tautu Activity Stream and Lacu Blog Services, just use the main page or to the Blog page to post your comment or search for the relevant content. Within in minutes you can have the conversation or find the necessary data to answer your question or help you get something done. No wading through the morass of advertisements of a complicated interface to achieve your goal. The MiTu Service supports you in your quest to get what you need and then go about your day, not to draw you in for hours in hopes that you would view some number of advertisements.

The MiTu Community Service the clear and concise service for your need to interact with an expert, group, non-profit or small business. The MiTu Service is available 24/7 to allow you to pay for the time you need, save you the time you need and secure the time you need.

So our question to you is:

Do you MiTu?

If not, why not start today, joining is free!