Use the Business Cards Tool


The following will detail out the process for using the Business Cards Tool:

OWNER USAGE ONLY! - Subscribers will not see this capability, only the owner of the group will have this ability.

Owner Usage

Owners of groups will be able to use the Business Cards Tool to order business cards that are specific to their group. These specialized cards are formatted to display your group's picture and have your QR code on the back of the card so that customers and associates can scan any card with their mobile devices and join your group in an instant. The following is how a they would implement this capability:

1) From your account page, select the group in which you are an owner.

2) Go to the home page of the group.

3) On the upper right side of the Page in the under your Group's photo is a link that says "Order Business Cards"; select this link.

NOTE: You also can get to this link through the Manage Group button at the top of the page. This will send you to the group management panel where you then can select the link "Cards".

4) From this page you will see text boxes on the left and a representation of a business card on the right.

5) Step 1 is to pick the package that you would like to order. (Packages range from 50-500 cards)

NOTE: The current vendor used is and the production of the cards are in very high quality professional stock. If you are not comfortable ordering from the MiTu Community Service site, please feel free to order cards from any other site. Please note that we do charge an additional service fee for processing the cards as you may find a cost difference pricing between what we charge and what charges.

6) Step 2 requires that you type into the fields the text that you would like to see on your business card.

NOTE: As you type the text should show up on the right side card so that you can see how the card will look once done.

7) Step 3 is the shipping address for your cards. If the shipping address is different from the address of your group, please select no an type in the new address.

8) Finally, select the "Back" tab above the card to decide if you want the URL of the card to show under your QR code.

8) Once finished, select the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.

9) You will be taken to your Paypal site and will need to verify the order by logging into Paypal and confirming the purchase.

10) Once you log-in and approve the order, you will be taken back to the MiTu Community Service site to finalize your purchase.

11) Review the details of the order and make sure that everything is in order and then select "Complete Order". 


NOTE: If you are not sure, please cancel your order and start over, we cannot refund orders that have been confirmed but have errors. Our processing will occur and the vendor will be paid in full. Returns will then be only possible through the printing vendor we have selected. (At this time it is http:\\

12) Once your oder is submitted you will be taken back to the home page of the group.

13) Your order is now queued for review by the MiTu Community Service staff.

14) If there would seem to be any issues with the order the staff will contact you regarding the issues.

15) If not, you should receive an email within 10 business days indicating that your order has been submitted to our vendor.

16) Typically, you should receive your order within 10-15 business days after that time.

NOTE: Your order may take 3 to 5 weeks to be fully processed. (In some cases it can occur sooner.)

You're Done!

Your business cards are a representation of you and your group, having high quality and professional cards is key to growing your group's membership. Please note that since you have access to a QR code on the back of the card, you may not need to hand out cards. You might just have people scan the QR code and then add the link to their mobile phones. 

We are working on producing a mobile application, when the application is available with the QR scanner technology your customers and associates will be able to download the mobile app in seconds and scan for the group in another few seconds.