Use a Community

The MiTu Community Service is about connecting you to groups that can help you get things done. It is about finding that group that you can connect to for your own personal growth, a personal need or to establish that business connection to further your skills, abilities or business goals. 

Once you have a your community setup, you need to bring users to your community. There are several ways of doing this with the most important method which is using your existing connections and network. This initial seed of groups can be loaded through our Professional Services group and this will get you started.

Finally, as the administrator of the community, you will have access to an Admin control panel that will allow you to do the following things:
1) Manage Groups - Suspend, Delete and Approve (Public Groups)
2) Manage Accounts - Suspend
3) Manage Admin Users
4) Manage Email Templates
5) View Email Logs
6) Manage Payments
7) Manage Business Card Requests
8) Manage your Area of Interest
9) Update the Static Pages
10) Manage Upgrade Codes

If you are needing special changes to Group Profiles or Menus or special Account Types, the MiTu Professional Services is available to assist in creating those custom integrations.