Use the Mapping Tool

The following will detail out the process for using the Mapping Tool:

All Users

This page is specifically for mapping your location for your membership. To use the mapping perform these steps:

1) From your account page, select the group in which you are a subscriber or owner.

2) Go to the home page of the group.

3) On the right side of the Page should be a link below the group photo that says "Map", select that link to get to the mapping page.

4) On that page, you will see the google map technology with the location of your group.

NOTE: The mapping tool only works if you use an address for your group in your group's setup. If you would rather NOT have an address, select only a Zip code and the mapping tool will just locate your members to the general center of the zip code provided.

5) Your members will now have a direct access to locating you quickly before they leave or on the go.

You're Done!