Use the MiTu Community Service on a Mobile Phone


If you have an iPhone or a Android phone or an Amazon Tablet, you should be able to go to the iTunes store or Google Play store or Amazon App Store and type in MiTu in the search and our Mobile App should appear. Download it, and sign in and you will now have access to your groups in two touches of your finger! (Selecting the MiTu App and then selecting your group.)

iPhone iTunes Link:

Google Android Link:

Mobile App using your mobile browser:

1) Take your phone, Android-iPhone-Windows, find a screen you want to have easy access to the MiTu Community Service.

2) Create a folder called "MiTu". Place it where you want to get to it quickly.

3) Open a browser and navigate to the MiTu Community Service site and log-in.

4) Go to the Group you are a follower, subscriber or owner.

6) Create a book mark to the MAIN SCREEN of the phone.

NOTE: You of course can bookmark anything, but this puts a link on your phone's screen.

7) Go back to your main screen on your Mobile phone and copy or drag the link to the "MiTu" folder you created.

8) Do this for all of the groups that you are interested in working with.

9) Once done, you now have a two click process to get to your groups.
a) Click one - The MiTu folder.

b) Click two - The specific group in which you are a follower, subscriber or owner.

NOTE: You should have your phone set-up such that it remembers your login and password. Otherwise you will have to log into the MiTu Community Service everytime. Email us if you find out any other fun tricks that can help users work with MiTu, our email address is

You're Done!