Use the News Feeds (RSS) Publishing to Tautu Wall (Activity Stream)

As a subscriber you will have a chance to interact with your group through RSS feeds that may be added to the group wall. This allows you to only see the significant items that relevant to the group that you are in and with the filter that the group owner provides to help you save time and get things done:

This next section shows how the Owners of a group can implement the use of the RSS Feed:

The following will detail out the process for using News Feeds (RSS Streams) to achieve this goal:


1) From your account page select the group you would like to Publish a News Feed (RSS Article) to the Tautu Wall (Front Page Activity Stream).

2) From the group page, select the Sources Link on the left side of the page.

3) Select the "Add Source" Button.

4) Pick the source; Either an RSS Feed, Twitter or a Facebook Page.


5a) Go to any site that has an RSS Feed (it is a small orange box with a couple of white waves in it) and copy the link.

6a) Paste the link into the field.


5b) Find any Twitter Account and type the account into the Field OR you can use any search word that is related to your group and that will come up as well in the Twitter feed.

6b) Paste the account or the search word into the field.

PICKING Facebook Account

5c) Go to any facebook account and TBD. (Need to review this process some more.)

6c) Paste the link into the field.

7) Check the check box "Review imported items before posting to group." if you want to review the posts BEFORE they are put into your stream.

NOTE: Not checking this means that as someone publishes to the stream, the information will be published to your stream.

8) Check the check box "Automatically check source for new items." if you want the MiTu Service to automatically check for new RSS Feed items.

NOTE: Not checking this means that you will have to retrieve the information manually from the list of sources by selecting "import" on the Sources Page.

9) Select the "Create Source" button to add it to the list of your sources.

10) From the list of sources you can "edit" the source, "Import" the source or "Delete" the source.
     a) Edit obviously let's you edit the source to something different.
     b) Import is what you would do if you did not select the checkbox "Automatically check source for new items."
     c) Delete obviously let's you delete the source.

11) Once the RSS feeds are working, if you selected to have the information go straight to the activity feed of your group, those items will start to show up in your activity stream.

12) If you selected that you manually review the items, then on the main Tautu Activity Stream, you will see a banner that says "You have X unpublished posts. Click Here to review."

13) Select the "Click Here" link to review all of the postings.

14) From this list of possible posting you can delete all or post all to the feed or you can delete individual or publish individually each posting with the buttons to the right of the links.

15) Checking the check boxes changes the Publish and Delete buttons at the top of the page to show the number that would either be published to the Activity Stream or that would be deleted.

16) Going back to the Tautu Activity Stream on the Home screen of the group will show your selected articles where group subscribers can comment and view the content.

You're Done!