Use the Tautu Wall Activity Page

The following will detail out the process for using the home based Tautu activity strean to achieve this goal.

1) From your account page select the group you would like to post to the home Tautu Activity Stream.

2) From the group page, select the box at the top of the page and type your message.

NOTE: For Group Owners: If the group is connected to twitter and Facebook, select the check boxes to push the content out to Facebook and Twitter.

3) Select "Post Message" and your message will be pushed to the group page.

NOTE: Users will have the option to Like it or say that it is Important. Doing Likes and Important indicators will help people manage their time since they will have notification thresholds setup. This allows them to see items that have a level of likes and importants.

4) Users will also have the ability to delete their comment if they would like. Owners will have the ability to Delete comments that are not welcome as well.

5) Users will also have an opportunity to comment to comments when selecting the comments text in the Tautu Activity Stream.

You're Done!

NOTE: By the use of the trade Marked term TauTu, the MiTu Community Service is inferring a kind of "Wall" as defined by Facebook, but the MiTu Community Service implementation does more than just provide a place for people to announce their actions or activities. The MiTu Community Service's version of a group based "Wall" is more meaningful as a place for "Group Interaction", where the most closely tuned word that represents this notion is Tautology as defined by "the repetition of meaning in words" in the rhetoric sense but also a technical notion in formal logic, as a "universal unconditioned truth"; something that is always valid. As such, the MiTu Community Service Team believes the implementation of the "Wall" concept for groups is actually a play between repeated notions and the formal statements of truth; or a Tautu if we shorten the term Tautology in the same way that the MiTu Community Service was converted from "mitosis" and finally to "MiTu".