Using Licensed Photos on for Your Group

The following will detail out the process for finding and generating photos for your group blogs, calendars and posts.

All Users should use the following process:

When using the MiTu Community Service group features for creating groups, personas, blogs, calendar events and regular blog posts you should try to use images that you have personally generated or have licensed through a number of sites. The MiTu Community does not advocate and approve the use of Copyrighted materials without the written consent of those whom own that copyright. Please see our IP Infringement Terms.

But no worries! There are many sites on the internet that have Free to low cost images that will be right for you and your site. Keep in mind that the images on the Mitu Service do not need to be large so you can obtain some of the smallest images for free on most sites that will be perfect for use on the Mitu Service. Please take care and ensure that you post the reference and credit to where you have obtained the image.

At the 
MiTu Community Service we use the following for free and low cost images: (These are really cheap to buy if needed.)

There are other articles on the internet as well and one of the better articles is located here:

All you have to do is go to these sites, use a key word for your image, select the image and accept the terms to download the image or pay for the image and save it to your local drive. Then open the MiTu Community Service and when you are creating your group, blog, calendar or post you will be given an opportunity to select an image. Once the image is selected please remember to provide a reference to the location for that image. Also, please remember to get the license from the site over email or so and save that license someplace safe so that you may retrieve it if there is ever a question of ownership etc.

You have the ability to make a VERY professional site with limited time and effort so that you can focus on what is important to you Earning, Saving and Securing your relationships with your customers and associates!

You're Done!