View the Group Statistics

The MiTu Community Service Team works hard to help you manage your network in the MiTu Community Service. To assist you in managing your group better  to earn you time, save you time and secure your time there are Group Statistics provided to you, the Group owner. (Subscribers do not have access to this information.) The following is a description of those statistics:

1) From your account page select the group that you own that you want to see the statistics on.

2) From the group page select "Manage This Group" Link in the upper right corner of the page.

3) From this link you will land on the Statistics Page for your group.

The following are a description of the graphs provided:

Group Data:

Provides information about the group, name, created on date, group type, public/private and topics.

Membership Chart:

Provides a view of the members that are currently in the group. It provides a notice that shows the count of the followers and subscribers that are part of the group.

Breakdown of Membership Levels:

Provides a pie chart showing all of the levels of the group memberships in your group from Free, Good, Better and Best.

Total Membership Levels:

Provides a line chart showing the history of the memberships for the group.

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